World History from 2000 to 2019.

History from 2000 to 2019


  1. The First Climber From Pakistan To Have Summited Mt. Everest On May 17, 2000 Was: Nazir Sabir
  2. When European Single Currency’euro” Was Launched’? 1 January 1999
  3. The Landowner Would Be Exempt From Payment Of Ushr Rf The Produce From His Land Is Less Than: 948 Kilograms Of Wheat Or Its Equivalent
  4. The Millennium Development Goals (MDGS) Were Adopted In 2000. How Many Goals Were Identified In The MOGS? Eight
  5. Archaeologists In Israel Have Discovered 20000 Years Old Village Under The Mud Of Dead Sea
  6. The Devolution Of Power Plan 2000 Is A Three Tier Setup Of? Local Government
  7. Pakistan Environmental Protection Act Was Passed In: 1997
  8. When Did The British Return Hong Kong To China? July 1997
  9. The Age Of The Pyramid At Giza Is Almost: 4500 Years Ago/3000 Years Ago
  10. The Construction Of The Disputed Baglihar Dam, Was Started By India In 1999


1 : Italy Paid Tribute To Its Scientist Whose Invention Completed 100 Years Of Existence On December 12, 2001 The Scientist And Its Inventions Was : Gugliemo Marconi-Radio

2: Hamid Karzai Become President Of Afghanistan In December 2001


  1. Nazia Hassan, Famous Singer Of Pakistan. Was Awarded Medal For Pride Of Performance:2002
  2. In 2002, Amnesty Intemational Succeeded In Having An “Optional Protocol” Added To The Child Human Rights Act In The UN. Thri Fotocol Raised The Age At Which States Can Legally Recruit Children Into The Armed Forces To 1& What Was The Legal Age Under Sixteen
  3. The Elite Force Punjab Was Formed In:1997/1998


  1. The Elections For Assemblies Were Held In October 2002 When The Elections For Senate Were Held? February 2003
  2. First .Fully .Sequenced Human Genome Was Completed In: April 2003,
  3. The Secretary-General Of The United Nations At The Time Of Invasion Of Iraq In 2003 Was Kofi Annan
  4. Shoaib Akhtar Bowled The Fastest Recorded Delivery During The Cricket World Cup In 2003. Against Which Team Was Pakistan Playing When This Happened? England
  5. In MS Excel 2003, Chart Wizard Term Data Categories Refers To: A Horizontal Axis


  1. The First President Of Palestinian Authority Yasir Arafat Died On 1 1th November 2004
  2. UNO Called A Decade Of From 2004 To 2014: IT
  3. The United Nations General Assembly Unanimously Declared The Decade 2014‑2024 As The Decade Of Sustainable Energy For All
  4. World Olympics 2004 Will Be Held At: Athens 200
  5. In Which City Of Pakistan SAARC Conference Was Held In January 2004. Islamabad
  6. Nobel Peace Prize 2004 Was Awarded To ‘Waangari Maathai’ Of Kenya 


  1. When The First Bus Service Between Srinagar And Muzaffarabad Was Started? April 7, 2005
  2. When Pakistan Won The World Hockey Cup For The 4th Time? 1994
  3. International Atomic Energy Agency’s Chief Al Beradi Won Nobel Prize For Peace In: Oct 2005
  4. In February 2005, First Time People Were Given Right To Vote In: Soudi Arabia
  5. The World Heath Organization Has Decibsred To Free T World From One Of Th€ Following Fatal Disease. By The Year 2005:Polio
  6. Hamas Formed Government In 2005 Under The Prime Minister Ship Of: Ismail Haniya


  1. Trade_ Development Authority Of Pakistan (TDAP) Succeeded Export Promotion Board (EPB).-For Promotion And Development Of Trade. When Was TDAP Established In 2006
  2. One Tonne Is Equal To 1000kg
  3. :Nepal Was Once The Worlds Only Hindu State, But Has Ceased To Be So Following A Declaration By The Parliament In 2006.
  4. On 15 March 2006, The UN General Assembly Voted Overwhelmingly To Replace UNCHR With The UN Human Rights Council.
  5. In 2006. The Government Of Punjab Constructed A New Jail In The District Of:- Vehari
  6. SAARC Disaster Management Centre Was Set Up In October 2006 At: New Dilhi
  7. Muhammad Younus Was Honoured With Nobel Peace Prize, In: 2006
  8. ‘Yangon; Also Known As Rangooo, Literally: ,,E.D Of Strife”) Is A Former Capital Of Eurma (Myanmar) And The Capital Oi Yangon Region. Yangon Is The Couitay,5 Largest Crty And 15 The Most Rmportant Commercial Centre, Although The Military Governmenr Officially Relocated The Capital To Naypyidaw In March 2006
  9. When The Eminent Poet And Writer Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi Died? 10 July 2006


  1. Anti-Money Laundering Act Was Promulgated On 27 March 2010
  2. In 2007. The Government Of Punjab Constructed A New Jail In The District Of. Toba Tek Singh


  1. Russia Attacked Georgia In 2008
  2. Who Is ‘Hemant Karkare’? Indian Anti-Terror Squad Chief Killed During ‘ Mumbai Attack In 2008
  3. Musharaf Announced His Resignation On: 18 Aug 2008
  4. The Noble Peace Prize 2008 Has Been Awarded To Marttt Ahtisarri For His Efforts In Confllct Resolution On Different Continents He Is A Former President Of: Finland
  5. . Lsrael’s Brutal Attack On Gaza Started On 27 December 2008, Killing More Than 1300 Palestinians Had Been Given The Name: Operation Cast Lead
  6. DOHA Round Of W.TO Negotitation On Free Trade Had:  Collapsed In 2008
  7. World’s Biggest Uranium Producer During 2008 Was: Canada
  8. Which Of The Following Internet Search Engine Is Celebrating Its 1oth Anniversary In 2008? Google
  9. The Most Famous Book Of 2008 “The Way Of The World-A Story Of Truth And Hope In An Age Of Extremism” Is Written By Ron Suskind
  10. 15th Conference Of NAM Was Held In March 2008 In: Cairo Egypt
  11. Which Of The Following Country Abolished Monarchy In 2008? Nepal
  12. Kosovo Year Of Independence Is 2008
  13. Benazir Income Support Program . Was Initiated In: July 2008
  14. Benazir Income Support Program . was initiated in: July 2008


  1. Kino Of Pop” Michael Jackson Was An — American Singer Songwriter And Dancer’ He Died In:
  2. In Which Year Did Barrack Hussain Obama Receive The Nobel Prize For Peace? 2009
  3. The World Is Celebrating In 2009, 2o0th Birth Anniversary Of The Scientist: Charles Darwin
  4. Which Of The Following Countries Is Celebrating 50 Years O, Communist Revolution In 2009? Cuba
  5. Which Of The Following Film Has Won Eight – Oscar Awards In A Ceremony On 23rd February 2009′? Slumdog Millionaire
  6. Which Of The Following Space Shuttles Was Launched By The United States In March 2009 Space Shuttle Discovery
  7. Which Of The Indian States Lost Its Chief Minister In A Helicopter Crash In The First Week Of Setember : Andhra Pradesh
  8. Who Was Elected As Prime Minister Of Japan In September 2009, Yukio Hatoyama
  9. Ex-President Chen Shui-B,An Who Was Sentenced To Life Imprisonment In September 2009 By The Trial Courl For Corruption And Embezzlerment Belonged To: Taiwan
  10. Who Was The Winner Of Nobel Prize 2009 For Literature? Herta Muller
  11. In 2009. Gilgit-Baltistan Was Given The Status Equal To A Province By : Executive Order Communicated Through Notification
  12. Under ILO Declaration 2009, Child Labor Has Been Vanished Completely From
  13. Liberation Tigers Of Tamil Eelam Of Sri Lanka Surrendered In To End Thj Prolonged Civil War :2009


  1. The Protection Against Harassment Of Women Act Was Passed In. 2010
  2. Punjab Public Private Partnership Act Was Promulgated In 2010
  3. How Many Gold Medals Pakistan Won In The Common Wealth Games 2010 Held In India? 2
  4. The Tallest Man-Made Structure To Date. The Burj Khalila In Dubai, United Arab ‘ Emirates, Is Officially Opened On: 4 January 2010
  5. Who Is The Highest Run Maker In Limited Over Matches Till 2010? Tendulkar
  6. NFC Award Declares _ Share Of 2010: 56.5
  7. On 4 Auqust 2010. Additional Inspector General Po-Lice, Safwat Ghayur’ Was Martyred In A Terrorist Attack In Peshawar. He Was The Nephew Of: Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar
  8. Which Lake Was Created In January 2010 By A, Landslide? Attabad Lake


  1. When Did- Pakistan Sign Convention On The Rights Of Persons With Disabilities? 5 July 2011
  2. When Did The Organization Of Lslamic Conference Change Its Name To Organization Of Lslamic Cooperation (Olc)? 30 June 2011
  3. On 11 August 2011 Pak Set – Lr Launched From: Xichang China
  4. When Osama Bin Laden Was Slain In His Compound At Abbottabad?: May 2, 2011{ 02-05-2011}
  5. Iran Launched Monkey Into Space In: 2011
  6. . Nato Air Raided Salala Check Post Killing 24 Soldiers On The Night Of: 25-26-11-2011
  7. Begum Nusrat Bhutto Died On? October 23, 2011 { 23-10-2011}
  8. When India Was Declared Mfn (Most Favored Nation) By The Cabinet? { 02.11-20}
  9. When Women Protection Bill And Anti Acid Throwing Bill Was Passed By Senate? 12-’12-2011
  10. On 2 November 2011, An Organization Was Established To Discuss Peace And Stability In Afghanistan, Called? Heart Of Asia


  1. As Of 2012, How Many Countries Were Members Of The Non-Aligned Movement: 120
  2. The Hurricane In The October 2012 Which Caused Widespread Damage In The Eastern Sea-Board States Of The USA Is: Hurricane Sandy
  3. Last Summer Olympic Games Were Held In 2012 In London
  4. Which Of The Following Athletes Won ,Gold Medal” In 100 Meter Race In London Olymprcs 2012? Usain Bolt
  5. The Men’s Event Of Wimbledon Tennis Championships 2012 Was Won By: Roger Federer Belong To Switzerland
  6. When Prime Minister Yosaf Raza Gillani Was Indicated For Contempt Of Court By Supreme Court Of Pakistan? / 13-02-2013
  7. Arfa Kareem The Youngest Ever Certified Microsoft Profession ,L Breathed Her Last On? 14t” January 2012
  8. In Which-City As Many As 73 Fans Were Killed On 1-2-2012 After Football Match? Port Said
  9. On 6-2-2012 Queen Elizabeth-Ll Celebrated Her _ To Throne: 60 Years
  10. Stephen Hawking. Author Of A Brief History Of Time Celebrated On 8-.1_2012 His Birth Day? 70th Years
  11. In Which Country Of Central America, As Many A.S.300 Jail Inmates Died In February 2012: Honduras


  1. The Lran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline Was Officially Inaugurated On: March 11.2013
  2. Nelson Mandela Died In Johansuberg On :  5 Dec 2013
  3. In The Last Week Of December 2013. Ukraine Signed A Pact For Aid With: Russia
  4. In Which Muslim Country, The Elected Government, Has Been Overthrown By Army In July 2013? Egypt
  5. Which Country Celebrated 6oth Anniversary Of ‘War-Victory” Against The U.S On 27th July. 2013? North Korea
  6. General Raheel Sharif Took Oath As Chief Of Army Staff Of Pakistan On: 27 November 2013
  7. The First Pakistani Women Climbed Mount Everest On 1th May 2013 Is: Samina Baig
  8. . In Ms-Word 2013, Quick Access Toolbar Allows You To Access Common: Commands
  9. Who Was The Care Taker Prime Minister In 2013? Mir Hazar Khan Khoso


  1. Peace Angel 2014 Military Exercise Was Conducted Between Pakistan And China
  2. “Brazuca” Is The Name Of: The Standard Shoulder-Fired Anti-Tank Weapon Of US Army
  3. In April 2014 A Terrorist Group Kidnapped Nearly 280 School Girls In Nigeria. Name The Group: Al-Shabab
  4. Name The New Book, Of Hillary Clinton Released In 2014: Hard Choices
  5. In June 2014, King Juan Carlos I Abdicated In Favour Of Hrs Son Felipe Vl. To Which Country Did King Juan Carlos Belong? Spain
  6. In Mens Hockey Champions Trophy 2014 Pakistan Secured.2nd Position
  7. 2014 Football World Cup Final Was Held In: Rio Di Janerio Brazil
  8. Who Won The Football World Cup In 2014? Germany
  9. Hockey’s Champions Trophy In 2014 Was Held In: India
  10. The National Action Plan, Announced On December 2014. Contains _ Point Pan To Counter Terrorism:.20
  11. How Many Pakistan Soldiers Laid Down Their Lives In UN Peace Keeping Operations During 2014: 132
  12. The International Cricket Council On 7 December 2014 Suspended An Off Spinner: Saeed Ajmal
  13. Russia, On 20 November 2014 Signed A Defence Cooperation Agreement With Which Country: Pakistan


  1. N Pakistan,. Military Courts Were Established After A Terrorist Attack On Army Public School In Peshawar, In The Year: 2015
  2. Which Pakistani Cricketer Announced Retirement Trom ODI Cricket On 10 November 2015? Younis Khan
  3. In September 2015 The UN Summit On Post 2015 Development Agenda Adopted Sustainable Development Goals For Transforming The World By 2030. How Many Goals Were Identified? 17
  4. In September 2015 The United Nations Replaced The Millennium Development Goals (Mogs) By: Sustainable Development Goals
  5. Shermeen Obaid Chinoye Has Won Two Academy Awards For The Documentaries Saving Foce 2012o Nd A Girl In The River The Price Of Forgiveness (2015), That Made Her The First Pakistani Director To Win Two Academy Awards And One Of Only Eleven Female Directors To Win The Award For A Non-Fiction Film
  6. The War Between Saudi Led Rebels And Yemeni Govt Started In March 2015


  1. The Prevention Of Electronic Crimes Act Was Passed In Pakistan In The Year: 2016
  2. Abdus-Sattar Edhi, A Pakistani Philanthropist And Humanitarian Died On: 8th July 2016{ Died Due To Kidney Failure}
  3. Brexit Referendum Was Held On: 23 June 2016
  4. In 2016 The Olympic Games Will Be Held In Rio De Jenario Brazil
  5. Pakistan Lost To India In The Final Of The 2016 Asian Men S Hockey Champions Trophy. Where Wan The Final Match Played? Kuantan {Malaysia}
  6. In Jun€, 2016, 16 People Were Killed And 55 Injured In A Terrorist Attack On A Hotel In Mogadishu, Somalia  Which Militant Group Claimed Responsiblity For The Attack?  Alshabab
  7. Name The Israel President Who Paid An Offlcial Visit To India In Mid November 2016? Mr Reuven Rivlin, President Of The State Of Israel
  8. Name The Prime Minister Of Turkey Who Resigned Early In May 2016: Ahmet Davutoglu
  9. Who Was Elected As The President Of Lebenon On 3’l Oct, 2016? Michel Aoun
  10. In 2016, Pakistani Born British Boxer. Amir Khan Lost A Boxing Bout Against Saul Canelo Alvarez. To Which Country Does Canelo Alvarez Belong? Mexico
  11. The World Humenitarian Summit (WHS) Conferrance Was Held On 2$24 May, 2016 In: Lstanbul, Turkey
  12. In Whi6 Month Misbah B€Camc Ths First Pakistani Lo Play 50 Matches As Test C.Ptain? November 2016
  13. The Men’s Singles Event Of The Australian Open Tennis Championships 2016 Was Won By Novak Djokovic Belong To Serbia
  14. Which Pakistani Woman Won The Nelson Mandela Graca Machiel Innovation Award 2016? Tabassam Adnan
  15. Who Was The First Pakistani Boxer To Win WBC Silver Flyweight Championship In 2016? Muhammad Waseem
  16. Nobel Peace Prize For 2016 Has Beer Awarded To: Juan Manuel Santos President Of Columbia
  17. The Country That Became A Member Of The World Trade Organization (WTO) Recently On 29 July 2016 Is: Afghanistan
  18. Longtime President Of A Central Asian State. Islam;,L Karimov. Died In 2016, He Was The Leader Of; Uzbekistan
  19. In 2016, A British Sports Personality Has Been Knighted (Given The Title Of Sir). Please Identify: Andy Murray
  20. N 2016, A Seven Memb€R Pakistani Contingent Was Refused Visa By _ And Prevented From Participating In-=[FE- World Taekwondo Championship.: Canada
  21. How Many Medals Did Michael Phelpjs Win In 2016 Olympics? Five
  22. Which Country, Among The Following Countries, Won The Most Gold Medals In 2016 Summer Olympics? Brazil/Usa According To Net Brazil Is Right Ans


  1. Most Powerful Hurricane To Hit The Caribbean In September 2017 Was? Hurricane Maria
  2. The Sixth Population Census Was Conducted In 2017 In Pakistan After: 19 Years
  3. In 2017 Which Country Attacked Syria With Rockets? Usa
  4. Which Of The Following Treaties Was Pa$Ad In The United Nalion *Llh 122 Votes In Favoq Aid Only 1 Ageird, On J*T T , 2017? Treaty Of Prohibition Of Nuclear Weapons
  5. According To The Population Census In 2017, The Population Of _ Has Increased:: ,Men
  6. Akber Hashemi Rafsaniani Who Died On 8th January. . January 2017, Succeeded President Of Lran: Muhammad Khatemi
  7. The Population Census Ot 2017 Was The – C€Nsus In The Row : 5th
  8. In April 2017. Nobel Laureate Candidates Got In The U.S Pakistani Malala You (A (B (C (O Saf Zai Was Designated As: Un Messenger Of Peace
  9. According To 2017 Census, There Is A Decline H The Population Growth In A Except; Punjab
  10. Pakistan Gained .1″‘ .,- Ranking In The T2o In :August 2016
  11. Trump,.The 45th President Of The United States Look Oath On 20th Jan 2017
  12. Bano Qudsia Died On: 4th Feb 2017
  13. Which Team Won The Test Series Held In Uae Between Sri Lanka And Pakistan In October 2017′.) Sri Lanka
  14. In Which Of The Following Cities, Lraqi Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abadi Declared Vetory Over Lsls On July 10,2017?
  15. During New Year Celebratons For 2017 At A ‘- Ji[ Sgoeoore Were Krlled In A Lerrorrst Attack’ In *T Ictt’citv Did Trre Attack Take Place? Istanbul
  16. 2017 Census Began On 15 March 2017 And Ended.25 May 2017 Declares Punjab Almost: 110 Million
  17. The Highest Recipient Of Remittances In 2017, As Per World Bank Brief Is: India
  18. 2017 U$Arab Summit Was Held In Which City? Riyadh


  1. According To World Bank What Was The Growth Rate Of Pakistan In 2018? 5.8%
  2. When Did Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Visited Pakistan’? February.2019 {None Of These}
  3. Olympics 2018 Will Be Held In: South Korea
  4. The Next Winter Olympic Games Took Place In 2018: Pyeongchang In South Korea
  5. The Third Pgf Women’s Amateur’ Golf Championlship Was Hold In March 2018 In Islamabad
  6. Ispr Official Song For 2018 “Hamara Pakislan” Was Sung By? Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan
  7. Recently (2018) Which Country Introduced Free Public Transport? Luxembourg
  8. According To Forbes List Of Most Powerful Men,2018, Who Has Been Ranked 1s’? Xi Jinping, General Secretary Of The Communist Party Of China,
  9. The 10th Edition Of International Defence Exhibition And Seminar (Ideas) Will Be Held In Expo Centre Karachi-Pakistan From 27 To 30 November 2018
  10. In March 2018 During His Middle East Tour Prince Charles Took Part In A Dance, Known As: Saudi Sword Dance
  11. Fifa World Cup 2018 Was Hosted By Russia
  12. The French “Legion D’honneur” Received In 200’l Was Returned In April 2018, By: Bashar-Al-Assad
  13. Next Summer Olympic Games Are To Be Held In: The Opening Ceremony Of The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Will Now Be Held On 23 July 2021.
  14. A Man Who Blew Himself After Throwing Grenade At U.S. Embassy In The Capital Of Montenegro On Feb. 23, 2018 Was Revealing: Nato
  15. Blind World Cricket 2018 Cup Was Hosted By Pakistan And Uae
  16. Which Team Won Psl 2018? Lslamabad United
  17. Which Team Was The Runner Up In Pakistan Super League 2018? Peshawar Zalmi
  18. 2018 Commonwealth Games Hosted By Australia
  19. . In April 2018 The Malaria Summit Was Held In London By: Bill And Malinda Gates Foundation
  20. . Emmerson Mnangagwa Is Elected President On 16 Aug 2018 Belonged To Which Country’? Zimbabve
  21. The 10th Brics Summit In July 2018 Took Place In: Johannesburg


  1. Which Country Hosted Conference On Dialogue Of Asian Civilizations In May 2019? Beijing, China
  2. Which Of The Following Is The Latest Version Of MS Excel ? Excel 2019
  3. FATA Merger Bill Was Passed In Assembly: 22 May 2019


  1. “Gypsum” One Of The Important Mineral Resources Of Punjab Is Found In: Warcha/Dera Gazi Khan
  2. Kala Bagh Is Famous For Minerals Of Iron
  3. Which Mineral Is Mostly Found In Northern And Western Mountains Of Pakistan? Chromite
  4. All Of The Following Are Non-Metallic Minerals Except Platinum
  5. Which One Of The Following Is A Non-Metallic Mineral? Gypsum
  6. The Element Present In The Largest Amount In Rocks And Minerals Is Silicon
  7. Which Component Of Diet Prevents Constipation? Fiber
  8. The Pothohar Plateau Contains The Mineral Deposits Of Rock, Salt, Gypsum,Oil, All Of These
  9. Which Is The Most Important Mineral Of Pakistan, In Terms Of Its Reserves? Chromite
  10. All Of The Following Are Non-Metallic Minerals Except: Platinum
  11. Give The Name Of Mineral Which Is Added In Saline Sodic Soils For   Enhanced Production? Gypsum
  12. . The Element Present In The Largest Amount In Rocks And Minerals Is: Silicon

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