World Current Affairs MCQs of May 2020 (1st Week)

Here is the list of the latest World Current Affairs MCQs of May 2020 for exams of CSS, PMS, PCS, PPSC, FPSC, NTS, OTS, ITS, ETEA and all other competitive exams. You will find here all latest and updated World Current Affairs MCQs for the month of May (1st Week) so that you can prepare your jobs and study tests and pass them with high marks.

Who Should Practice/learn these topics/MCQs

1. A student who is going to appear in exams.
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3. All those boys and girls who want to enhance their knowledge about World Current Affairs.

Multiple Choice Questions:-

Q. Who represented   Pakistan at the Virtual Summit of NAM on 4th May 2020?

A. Foreign Secretary of Pakistan
B. Prime Minister of Pakistan

C. Foreign Affairs Minister
D. President of Pakistan

Detail of this MCQ:

President of Pakistan Mr. Arif Alvi represented at the Virtual Summit of NAM ( Non-Aligned Movement) held on 4th May 2020. This Summit was to discuss Covid-19 challenges and solutions. NAM was established in 1961. Its headquarter is in Indonesia, Jakarta. Total number of members of NAM are 120 (developing countries).

 Q. Who has been designated the US diplomat for South Asia?

A. Peter Thomas
B. Alex G. Adrew

C. Thomas John
D. Thomas L. Vajda

Q. Which country was the hardest hit by the food crisis in 2019 as per the Global Report on Food Crisis?

A. Libya
B. Yemen

C. Syria
D. Sudan

Detail of this MCQ:

With 15.9& million under Food Crisis which is almost 53% of its population.

Q. The 18th Amendment of the Constitution was passed from National Assembly of Pakistan on:

A. 19 April 2010
B. 29 April 2010

C. 20 April 2010
D. None of these

Q. According to Global Report on the Food Crisis 2020 how many people are living under food crisis currently?

A. 111 Million
B. 123 Million

C. 124 Million
D. 135 Million

Detail of this MCQ:

According to Global Report on Food Crisis 2020 released in April 2020 around 135 million people are under food crisis.

Q. Currently, there are _______ permanent members in UNSC (United Nations Security Council)?

A. 5
B. 15

C. 8
D. 7

Detail of this MCQ:

UNSC stands for United Nations Security Council. It has five permanent members which are consist of US, UK, France, China and Russia. Its non-permanent number of members are 10. 

Q. The first death reported due to Coronavirus in China was on:

A. 19 December 2019
B. 27 December 2019

C. 9 January 2020
D. None of these

Detail of this MCQ:

First case was reported on 19 December 2019 from China’s Wuhan City and the first death was reported on 9 January 2020 from China. First case reported in Pakistan was on 26 February 2020 and first death reported in Pakistan was on 18 March 2020 in KPK.

Q. In which country an attempt of coup was made?

A. Sudan
B. Iraq

C. Venezuela
D. North Korea

Detail of this MCQ:

On 5 May 2020, a failed coup attend was made in Venezuela. President of Venezuela is Nicolas Maduro and its Capital is Caracas.

Q. Which nation hosted the 11th Session of Petersburg Climate Dialogue?

A. France
B. United States

C. England
D. Germany

Detail of this MCQ:

11th Session of Petersburg Climate Dialogue conducted on 28 April 2020.

Q. What is the new name of Iran’s currency?

A. Roman
B. Sian

C. Toman
D. None of these

Detail of this MCQ:

The Iranian Lawmakers voted on 4 May 2020 to change Iran’s National Currency from Rial to Toman.

Q. Which country is the 3rd largest military spender of the world?

A. France
B. Japan

C. Russia
D. India

Q. India lost its top rank in ICC test Team ranking to which Nation on May 1 2020?

A. New Zealand
B. Australia

C. England
D. South Africa

Q. Pakistan’s National Assembly Speaker tested positive for Covid-19 on:

A. 27 April 2020
B. 29 April 2020

C. 30 April 2020
D. None of these

Detail of this MCQ:

Pakistan’s National Assembly Speaker namely Asad Qaiser tested positive for Coronavirus on 30 April 2020. He is the 21st National Assembly Speaker of Pakistan since August 2018.

Q. When North Korean Leader made first Public appearance after 3 weeks?

A. 2nd May 2020
B. 1st May 2020

C. 4th May 2020
D. None of these

Detail of this MCQ:

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un made first public appearance on 2nd May 2020 due to the intense speculations that he was seriously ill or possibly dead.

Q. Name the Senator who was recently fired by Kazakhstan President?

A. Zoriba Bayev
B. Toniao Bayev

C. Dariga Nazarbayeva
D. None of these

Detail of this MCQ:

Dariga Nazarbayeva was dismissed on 2nd May 2020.

Q. When 5 years term of incumbent Government of Gilgit Baltistan is due to expire?

A. last week of June 2020
B. Last Week of May 2020

C. Last Week of August 2020
D. None of these

Q. Which among the following days is celebrated twice a year?

A. World Freedom Day
B. Zero Discrimination Day

C. International Astronomy Day
D. None of these

Detail of this MCQ:

International Astronomy Day firstly celebrated on May 12 and secondly on September 26. The first International Astronomy Day was celebrated in 1973.

Q. Who was recently awarded the Commemorative World War II medal by Russia?

A. Donald Trump
B. Kim Jong Un

C. Shizo Abe
D. Moon Jae In

Detail of this MCQ:

Medal for preserving the memory of Soviet Union Soldiers who died in North Korea during the War. Kim Jong Un is the Supreme leader of North Korea since 2011. 

Q. The 2021 Commonwealth Youth Games have been postponed to which year?

A. 2024
B. 2025

C. 2022
D. 2023

Detail of this MCQ:

Commonwealth Youth Games have been postponed to 2023 due to clash of dates with the Tokyo Olympics. Tokyo Olympics earlier scheduled to held from 23 July to 8 August 2021 which was postponed to July-August 2023 due to Covid-19.

Q. The Prime Minister of which country along with 3 ministers tested positive for Coronavirus?

A. Sudan
B. South Korea

C. Guinea Biassau
D. None of these

Q. When World Press Freedom Day is observed?

A. 2 May 
B. 7 May

C. 3 May
D. None of these

Q. Recently, which 2 nations exchanged gunfire at their borders?

A. America & Canada
B. North Korea & South Korea

C. Iraq & Iran
D. None of these

Q. Who has been made acting Chairperson of CCP (Competition Commission of Pakistan)?

A. Shaista Lodhi
B. Shaista Gillani

C. Fareeda Iqbal
D. None of these

Q. Which Senator of Pakistan launched/published the Book named “Coronavirus-Threat to National Security?

A. Sherry Rehman
B. Shaista Lodhi

C. Rehman Malik
D. None of these

Q. What is the amount fixed for Fitrana per head by Dar-ul-Afta of Pakistan?A. 90 Rupees
B. 120 Rupees

C. 150 Rupees
D. None of these
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