Who was the first Chief of the Air Force?

A. Air Marshal Zafar Ahmad
B. Karim-ud-Din
C. Air Marshal Rehman Khan
D. K.S. Rehman Shah

Detail of this MCQ according to Wikipedia:

Asghar was appointed as the first Commandant of the Pakistan Air Force Academy in Risalpur in 1947 until 1949, he was attached to command the Peshawar Air Force base in 1949–50. In 1948–1949.

Who appoints the Commander in Chief of Pakistan:

The Chief of the Air Staff is a military appointment and a statutory office held by an Air Chief Marshal in the Pakistan Air Force, who is appointed by the Prime Minister of Pakistan and final confirmation by the President of Pakistan. The CAS is the highest-ranking officer of the Pakistan Air Force and only pilots are appointed in this post.

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