The Sunnat MCQs for FPSC, PPSC, NTS, OTS

Here is the list of latest  MCQs on the Sunnat for exams of PPSC, FPSC, NTS, OTS, ITS, ETEA and all other competitive exams. You will find here all the latest and updated Islamic Studies MCQs of that you can prepare your jobs and study tests and pass them with high marks. Here is the MCQs of The Sunnat. 

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Q. Definition of Sunnat is:

A. The acts performed by the Muslims
B. The acts performed by the Sahabis
C. The acts and sayings of the Hazrat Muhammad 
D. The acts performed by Pious Calphs

Q. The Surah which throws light on the character conduct and the high position of the Hazrat Muhammad is:

A. Surah Kauser
B. Surah Ikhlas
C. Surah Falaq
D. Surah Al-Ahzad

Q. Third most authentic source of Islamic Jurisprudence is?

A. Sunnat
B. Ahadis
C. Ijma
D. Qias

Q. The sayings of the Holy Quran are called by the name of:

A. Sunnat-e-Qauli
B. Sunnat-e-Faeli
C. Sunnat-e-Taqriri
D. None of these

Q. What guides us to say the Prayer (Namaz)?

A. The Holy Quran
B. The Hadith (Hadees)
C. The Sunnat
D. Ijma

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Islamic Studies MCQs


In this section, you will find all the best Islamic Studies MCQs. You will get all the Islamic Studies MCQs related to the  PPSC, FPSC, NTS, CSS, PMS exams.

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