PMS Exams Past Papers

Here you will get all the past papers of PMS exams of different years. You will find PMS past papers categorically, year-wise or book-wise so that you can easily found the desired results or material and get help from these past papers to get prepared yourself to compete in such tough competitive exams and to get higher marks to qualify for the post.

What is PMS?

PMS Exam Stand for Provincial Management Service that grant services by the government. The PMS Exam Purpose of establishing these services to control and improve the directorate structure in the provinces. The provincial administration in Punjab and other provincial controls by Pakistan Administrative Services.

Here is the list of PMS Past Papers given as under:-

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English Compulsory

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History Paper-I History Paper-II Law Paper-I Law Paper-II
Mass Communication Paper-I Mass Communication Paper-II English Essay Urdu
Pakistan Studies Philosophy Paper-I Political Science Paper-I Political Science Paper-II