Most Important Islamic Studies MCQs 2020

Q. Name “Ahmad” is in Surah:

A. Surah Baqra
B. Surah Saf

C. Surah Yaseen

Q. Battles mentioned in the Quran are:

A. 10
B. 11
C. 12

Q. Attributive names of the Prophet SAW are:

A. 99
B. 98
C. 97

Q. Who was the murderer of Hazrat Omar R.A?

A.  Ibn-i-Maljam
B. Abu Lolo Feroz

C. Abu Jahal

Q. In which SurahBismillah is used twice?

A. Namal
B. Bani Israil
C. Kahaf

Q. Old name of Madina was:

A. Yasrib
B. Khyber
C. Taif

Q. Batle of Jaml was fought on?

A. 33 Hijri
B. 36 Hijri

C. 40 Hijri

Q. Saad Bin Abi Waqas belonged to tribe of:

A. Hawadan
B. Ummaya

C. Zuhra

Q. Azerbaijan was conquered on:

A. 22 Hijri
B. 24 Hijri
C. 26 Hijri

Q. Real name of Abu Ubaida was:

A. Ahmad
B. Abdullah

C. Usman

Q. Punishment of exile started in the reign of:

A. Hazrat Ali R.A
B. Hazrat Usman R.A
C.  Hazrat Umar R.A

Q. Battle of Salasal was fought in the reign of:

A. Hazrat Abu Bakr R.A
B. Hazrat Omar R.A
C. Hazrat Ali R.A

Q. City of Basra inhabited in the reign of:

A. Hazrat Ali R.A
B. Hazrat Omar R.A

C. Hazrat Usman R.A

Q. Hazrat Talha R.A was martyred by:

A. Yazid
B. Abu Jahal
C. Marwan

Islamic Studies MCQs


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