Most Important Islamic Studies MCQs 2020

Q. Multan was conquered on:

A. 714 ✔
B. 715
C. 716

Q. Abu Jahl died in Ghazwa:

A. Badr ✔
B. Ohad
C. Khyber

Detail of this MCQ according to Wikipedia:

Abu Jahl was fatally and badly wounded by Mu’awwidh ibn ‘Afrā’ and Mu’ādh ibn ‘Amr ibn al-Jamūḥ and eventually killed by Abdullah ibn Masud on March 13, 624, when he died fighting the Muslims in the Battle of Badr.

Q. Real name of Abdul Mutlib is:

A. Walid
B. Aqba
C. Sheba ✔

Q. Biggest idol of Quraish was:

A. Uzza
B. Habi ✔

C. Mannat

Q. “Saif Ullah” was:

A. Hazrat Omar R.A
B. Hazrat Ubaidah R.A
C. Hazrat Khalid Bin Waleed R.A ✔

Q. Mota was fought in:

A. 629 ✔
B. 632
C. 642

Q. Islamic coin was introduced by:

A. Muawiya
B. Abdul Malik Bin Marwa ✔

C. Omar Bin Abdul Aziz

Q. Ameer Muawiya embraced Islam on the eve of:

A. Farewell Pilgrimage
B. Ghazu Hunain
C. Conquest Makkah ✔

Q. Omar Bin Abdul Aziz was the governor of:

A. Iraq ✔
B. Kufa
C. Basra

Detail of this MCQ according to Wikipedia:

Abdallah ibn Umar ibn Abd al-Aziz (Arabic: عبد الله بن عمر بن عبد العزيز‎; died 750) was an Umayyad prince, the son of Caliph Umar II ( r . 717–720), and briefly governor of Iraq under Yazid III in 744–745.

Q. Representative of Imam Hussain R.A in Kufa was:

A. Zyad
B. Muslim Bin Aqeel ✔

C. Nauman Bin Bashir

Q. When was Zakat made compulsory?

A. 5 A.H 
B. 2 A.H ✔

C. 4 A.H

Q. Mother of Hazrat Ishaq was:

A. Hazra Asirja A.S
B. Hazrat Hajiran A.S
C. Hazrat Sarah A.S ✔

Q. How many times Hazrat Ibrahim A.S is mentioned in Surah Ibrahim by name:

A. 1 ✔
B. 2
C. 3

Q. Where was Hazrat Yaqoob A.S born?

A. Iraq
B. Palestine ✔

C. Egypt

Q. Quran the word Azeez is used for Quran what does it mean?

A. Dominator ✔
B. Pore
C. Protector

Q. Between which tribes Harb-E-Qais or Dahs-o-Ghabra was fought?

A. Tamim and Saqeef
B. Abs and Zeeban ✔

C. Quraish and Asad

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Q. Makkah was also called:

A. Ummual Qura
B. Baladul Ameen
C. Baka
D. All of these ✔

Q. Whose responsibility to provide water to Hajjaj?

A. Abbas Ibn Abdul Mutalib ✔
B. Talha Ibn Abdul Mutlib
C. Tariq Ibn Abdul Mutlib
D. None of these

Q. Meaning of “Al-Wahid” is:

A. The noble
B. The alive
C. The Unique ✔
D. All of these

Q. Total Ayats of Surah Alaq are:

B.  19 ✔

C. 20
D. 5

Q.Who was the great wrestler of the Quraish who was defeated three times by Holy Prophet PBUH?

A. Uqba
B. Hakkam
C. Rakkana ✔
D. Rushd

Q. Who was Hazrat Zubair Ibn Al Awwm?

A. First Martyred of Islam
B. First wounded of Islam
C. First-person who killed a kafir for Islam ✔
D. None of these

Q. Taif is located:

A. 90 km from Makkah
B. 92 km from Makkah ✔

C. 93 km from Makkah
D. 94 km from Makkah

Q. Who transferred caliphate capital from Kufa to Damascus?

A. Hazrat Ali R.A
B. Abdul Malik
C. Muawiya R.A ✔

Q. After sleeping for a hundred of years, who woke up?

A. Hazrat Saleh A.S 
B. Hazrat Imran A.S
C. Hazrat Uzair A.S ✔

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