Latest Synonyms MCQs for PPSC, FPSC, OTS, NTS, ITS etc Set-I

Here is the list of the latest Synonyms MCQs for exams of PPSC, FPSC, NTS, OTS, ITS, ETEA and all other competitive exams. You will find here all latest and updated Antonym MCQs of so that you can prepare your jobs and study tests and pass them with high marks.

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Multiple Choice Questions:-

Q. Synonym of catalogue is?

A. List
B. Pamphlet
C. Menu
D. Intelligent

Q. Synonym of germane is?

A. Obstinate
B. Smart
C. Cruel
D. Relevant

Q. Synonym of besieged is?

A. Troubled
B. Destroyed
C. Encircled
D. Skirted

Q. Synonym of vindicate is?

A. Argue
B. Explain
C. Judge
D. Justify

Q. Synonym of sycophant is?

A. Flatterer
B. Admirer
C. Suppliant
D. Follower

Q. Synonym of emphasis is?

A. Stress
B. Force
C. Suggest
D. Plead

Q. Synonym of scintillating is?

A. Glittering
B. Smoldering
C. Warming
D. Touching

Q. Synonym of diligent is?

A. Modest
B. Energetic
C. Industrious
D. Intelligent

Q. Synonym of zany is?

A. Thief
B. Clown
C. Magician
D. Pet

Q. Synonym of Mediocre is?

A. Stupid
B. Average
C. Mild
D. Indifferent

Q. Synonym of allow is?

A. Permit
B. Wish
C. Accept
D. Seek

Q. Synonym of wary is?

A. Quick
B. Practical
C. Cautious
D. Accurate

Q. Synonym of industrious is?

A. Clever
B. Reserved
C. Intelligent
D. Hard Working

Q. Synonym of Irk is?

A. Urge
B. Annoy
C. Bore
D. Insult

Q. Synonym of inexplicable is?

A. Unaccountable
B. Confusing
C. Unconnected
D. Chaotic

Latest Synonyms MCQs for PPSC, FPSC, OTS, NTS, ITS etc Set-II

Q. Synonym of consequence is?

A. Cause
B. Order
C. Manner
D. Result

Q. Synonym of console is?

A. Pacify
B. Assist
C. Sympathetic
D. Share

Q. Synonym of stupid is?

A. Insane
B. Incapable
C. Silly
D. Disobedient

Q. Synonym of sumptuous is?

A. Meager
B. Irritable
C. Lavish
D. Fancy

Q. Synonym of accentuated is?

A. Sharpened
B. Mitigated
C. Projected
D. Exhibited

Q. Synonym of impassioned is?

A. Sympathetic
B. irresponsible
C. Ardent
D. Impressive

Q. Synonym of commensurate is?

A. Proportionate
B. Measurable
C. Appropriate
D. Beginning

Q. Synonym of extraneous is?

A. Irrelevant
B. Nonsensical
C. Shallow
D. Superficial

Q. Synonym of coy is?

A. Talented
B. Shy
C. Beautiful
D. Sweet

Q. Synonym of mollify is?

A. Sympathies
B. Avenge
C. Flatter
D. Appease

Q. Synonym of Hallowed is?

A. Historical
B. Ancient
C. Decayed
D. Sacred

Q. Synonym of terse is?

A. Holy
B. Compact
C. Local
D. Shrewd

Q. Synonym of rant is?

A. Formalize
B. Praise inordinately
C. Treat with screen
D. Preach noisily

Q. Synonym of impasse is?

A. Difficulty
B. Confrontation
C. Stalemate
D. Impossibility

Q. Synonym of rival is?

A. Competitor
B. Partner
C. Enemy
D. Claimant

Q. Synonym of consolidate is?

A. Unite
B. Conspire
C. Contrive
D. Connive

Q. Synonym of lapidary is?

A. Dignified
B. Harmful
C. High sounding
D. Abusive

Q. Synonym of grand is?

A. Great
B. Splendid
C. Noble
D. Aristocratic

Q. Synonym of inevitable is?

A. Expected
B. Fixed
C. Unavoidable
D. Probable

Q. Synonym of voracious is?

A. Hungry
B. Wild
C. Quick
D. Angry

Q. Synonym of secure is?

A. Safe
B. Independent
C. Secret
D. Comfortable

Q. Synonym of fragment is?

A. Crumble
B. Scrap
C. Dissection
D. Cut

Q. Synonym of emulate is?

A. Likely to be late
B. Inspite to win
C. Trying to do as well
D. enable

Q. Synonym of salacity is?

A. Depression
B. Bliss
C. Recession
D. Indecency 

Q. Synonym of sagacity is?

A. Sanity
B. Uprightness
C. Morality
D. Wisdom


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