Latest Antonym MCQs for PPSC, FPSC, OTS, NTS, ITS etc Set-III

Here is the list of the latest Antonym MCQs for exams of PPSC, FPSC, NTS, OTS, ITS, ETEA and all other competitive exams. You will find here all latest and updated Antonym MCQs of so that you can prepare your jobs and study tests and pass them with high marks.

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Multiple Choice Questions:-

Q. Antonym of flippant is?

A. Considerate
B. Saucy
C. Pert
D. Cross

Q. Antonym of fallacy is?

A. Blunder
B. Error
C. Abandon
D. Truth

Q. Antonym of factitious is?

A. Natural
B. Turbulent
C. Unnatural
D. Frail

Q. Antonym of fable is?

A. Allegory
B. Fact
C. Peevish
D. Forge

Q. Antonym of enervate is?

A. Relax
B. Strengthen
C. Mitigate
D. Grappling

Q. Antonym of egregious is?

A. Consummate
B. Enchain
C. Ordinary
D. Acquit

Q. Antonym of ebb is?

A. Rise
B. Effervescent
C. Enervate
D. Eternal

Q. Antonym of effeminate is?

A. Womanish
B. Effigy
C. Manly
D. Blank

Q. Antonym of frantic is?

A. Sane
B. Open
C. Mad
D. Candid

Q. Antonym of flaccid is?

A. Flabby
B. Lax
C. Firm
D. Obsolete

Q. Antonym of filthy is?

A. Foul
B. Rhetorical
C. Clean
D. Reflect

Q. Antonym of felicitous is?

A. Sad
B. Happy
C. Frigid
D. Cold

Q. Antonym of flicker is?

A. Quiver
B. Glow
C. Deformity
D. Presage

Q. Antonym of fulminate is?

A. Murmur
B. Clamor
C. Efficacious
D. Vain

Q. Antonym of fugitive is?

A. Evanescent 
B. Captive
C. Unkempt
D. Smart

Antonym MCQs for PPSC, FPSC, OTS, NTS, ITS etc Set-II

Q. Antonym of fume is?

A. Frown
B. Chafe
C. Comply
D. Dupe

Q. Antonym of fatigue is?

A. Vitality
B. Weariness
C. Solemn
D. Enchant

Q. What is the antonym of flux?

A. Stillness
B. Motion
C. Swerve
D. Wince

Q. Antonym of guile is?

A. Candour
B. Deceit
C. Bubble
D. Growl

Q. Antonym of gluttony is?

A. Voracity
B. Fragility
C. Garb
D. Devoid

Q. Antonym of grandiloquence is?

A. Civil
B. Pomposity
C. Jarring
D. Simplicity

Q. What is the antonym of glib?

A. Ready
B. Fluent
C. Hesitating
D. Misty

Q. Antonym of gist is?

A. Circumlocution
B. Pith
C. Force
D. Expedite

Q. Antonym of germinate is?

A. Real
B. Voracious
C. Alien
D. Decay

Q. Antonym of genuine is?

A. Real
B. Voracious
C. Spurious
D. Insincere

Q. Antonym of generous is?

A. Magnanimous
B. Visual
C. Vivid
D. Stingy

Q. Antonym of Garrulity is?

A. Reticence 
B. Gaudy
C. Superb
D. Abettor

Q. Antonym of Gallant is?

A. Bold
B. Fine
C. Coward
D. Frolic

Q. Antonym of histrionic is?

A. Straightforward
B. Hoard
C. Hang
D. Fatten

Q. Antonym of heinous is?

A. Odious
B. Atrocious
C. Excusable
D. Coax

Antonym MCQs for PPSC, FPSC, OTS, NTS, ITS etc Set-I

Q. Antonym of hearsay is?

A. Gossip
B. Robust
C. Sobering
D. Fact

Q. Antonym of harass is?

A. Soothe
B. Pester
C. Closely
D. Laudable

Q. Antonym of habitual is?

A. Irregular
B. Customary
C. Debar
D. Schism

Q. Antonym of grudge is?

A. Ill-will
B. Good-will
C. Essence
D. Guile

Q. What is the antonym of gossip?

A. Taciturnity
B. Rumour
C. Odious
D. Shrink

Q. Antonym of greedy is?

A. Ravenous
B. Voracious
C. Dull
D. Lavish

Q. Antonym of grotesque is?

A. Archaic
B. Whimsical
C. Graceful
D. Mild

Q. Antonym of gruesome is?

A. Disgusting
B. Attractive
C. Grisly
D. Stern

Q. Antonym of holy is?

A. Divine
B. Hoary
C. Dupe
D. Profane

Q. Antonym of hazy is?

A. Foggy
B. Vague
C. Clear
D. Clarify

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