Important Abbreviations MCQs for FPSC, PPSC, NTS, OTS

Q. H.C stands for:

A. Housing Commission
B. High Court ✔

C. High Committee
D. Honourable Court

Q. H.T.V stands for:

A. House Television Video
B. Heavy Trunk Vehicle
C. Heavy Transport Vehicle ✔
D. Heavy Traffic Vehicle

Q. I.B.M stands for:

A. International Board of Managers
B. Institute of Bankers and Managers
C. International Business Motive
D. International Business Machines ✔

Q. I.C.J stands for:

A. International Council of Judges
B. International Court of Justice ✔

C. International Committee of Justice
D. Islamic Council of Judges

Q. I.L.O stands for:

A. International Law Organization
B. Islamic Labour Organization
C. Islamic Law Officer
D. International Labour Organization ✔

Q. I.S.O stands for:

A. Islamic Students Organization
B. International Service Organization
C. International Standardization Organization ✔
D. International Services Officer

Q. I.M.F stands for:

A. International Monetary Fund ✔
B. International Maritime Force
C. International Monitoring Fund
D. Islamic Mutual Fund

Q. K.D.A stands for:

A. Kohistan Development Authority
B. Karachi Development Association
C. Karachi Development Authority ✔
D. Kashmir Development Authority

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Q. L.B.W stands for:

A. Look Before Wicket
B. Leg Before Wicket ✔

C. Line Before Wicket
D. Line Between Wicket

Q. L.D.A stands for:

A. Legal Development Association
B. Light Duty Association
C. Local Development Authority
D. Lahore Development Authority ✔

Q. M.B.A stands for:

A. Muslim Board Authority
B. Master of Business Administration ✔

C. Master of Business Accountants
D. Municipal Board of Arts

Q. M.N.A stands for:

A. Member of National Assembly ✔
B. Member of Narcotics Association
C. Mayor of National Assembly
D. Ministry of Narcotics Abuses

Q. M.Sc. stands for:

A. Muslim Security
B. Missile Science
C. Medical Science
D. Master of Science ✔

Q. N.A.M stands for:

A. National Association of Medicine
B. National Agricultural Members
C. Non-Aligned Movement ✔
D. Non-Aligned Muslims

Q. N.A.T.O stands for:

A. North Atlantic Treaty Organization ✔
B. Non-Aligned Treaty Organization
C. Non-Aligned Trading Organization
D. North American Transport

Q. N.C.C stands for:

A. National Cadet Council
B. National Cadet Corps ✔

C. New Cadet Corps
D. National Credit Council

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Q. N.I.C stands for:

A. New Industrial Council
B. National Insurance Card
C.  National Identity Card ✔
D. National Investment Corporation

Q. O.S.D stands for:

A. Officer in Search of Duty
B. Overseas States Development
C. Officer of Security Department
D. Officer on Special Duty ✔

Q. P.C.O stands for:

A. Passenger Call Office
B. Public Call Office ✔

C. Punjab Council Officer
D. Public Call Order

Q. P.I.A stands for:

A. Pakistan International Airlines ✔
B. Pakistan International Affairs
C. Pakistan Investment Authority
D. Pakistan Industrial Affairs

Q. P.M.L stands for:

A. Premature Loan
B. Pakistan Muslim League ✔

C. Provincial Muslim League
D. Pre-Medical Line

Q. S.S.P stands for:

A. Social Security Programme
B. Sub Superintendent of Police
C. Senior Superintendent of Police ✔
D. Senior Superior Police

Q. S.T.N stands for:

A. Social Technial Number
B. Shalimar Television Nationwide
C. Shaheen Television Network
D. Shalimar Television Network ✔

Q. U.N.O stands for:

A. United National Organization
B. United Nations Organization ✔

C. United News Office
D. United National Officer

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