Important Abbreviations MCQs for FPSC, PPSC, NTS, OTS

Here is the list of the latest General Knowledge MCQs for exams of PPSC, FPSC, NTS, OTS, ITS, ETEA, and all other competitive exams. You will find here all the latest and updated MCQs related to World General Knowledge so that you can prepare your jobs and study tests and pass them with high marks. In this section, we will provide you with information about the names of countries/regions/states which were geographically changed in the form of MCQs along with some detail. 

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1. A student who is going to appear in exams.
2. A job seeker/unemployed boy/girl who is going to appear in tests.
3. All those boys and girls who want to enhance their knowledge about Computer and IT Skills.

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Q. A-Bomb stands for:

A. Atom Bomb ✔
B.  Air Bomb
C. Automatic Bomb
D. Ante Bomb

Q. A.J.K stands for:

A. Azad Jammu and Kashmir ✔
B. Asian Journalists of Kashmir
C. Azad Jamiat of Kashmir
D. Advanced Jamaat of Karachi

Q. A.D.B.P stands for:

A. Asian Development Board of Productivity
B. Associate Dean Board of Peace
C. Agricultural Development Bank of Pakistan ✔
D. Azad Development Board of Punjab

Q. A.M.C stands for:

A. Audit Manual Council
B. Agha Medical College
C. Asian Medical College
D. Army Medical College ✔

Q. A.P.P stands for:

A. Associated Press of Pakistan ✔
B. Asian Pictures of Peace
C. Applied Power Precautions
D. Applied Process of Pakistan

Q. A.S.I stands for:

A. Associated Sub-Inspection
B. Army Sub-Incharge
C. Asian Society Institute
D. Assistant Sub-Inspector ✔

Q. B.B.C stands for:

A. British Board Council
B. Bachelor Board Corporation
C. British Broadcasting Corporation ✔
D. British Broadcasting Council

Q. B.C stands for:

A. Before Christ ✔
B. Basic Civics
C. Bank Council
D. Before Commerce

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Q. B.Sc stands for:

A. Border Security
B. Bachelor of Science ✔

C. Before Science
D. Bachelor of Security

Q. C.A.A stands for:

A. Cash Amount Agency 
B. Capital Affairs Agency
C. Civil Aviation Association
D. Civil Aviation Authority ✔

Q. C.B.A stands for:

A. Civil Board Association 
B. Collective Bargaining Agent ✔

C. Central Bank Authority
D. Collective Board Agent

Q. C.J stands for:

A. Common Journalism 
B. Civil Justice
C. Chief Justice ✔
D. Crime Journalism

Q. C.B.R stands for:

A. Central Board of Revenue
B. Central Board of Ratification
C. Central Bank Rate
D. Central Bank of Russia

Q. C.N.N stands for:

A. Commonwealth News Network 
B. Corporate National News
C. Cable News Network ✔
D. Central News Network

Q. C.S.S stands for:

A. Central Superior Services
B. Civil Society Services
C. Civil Sense Society
D. Corporate Superior Society

Q. C.T.B.T stands for:

A. Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
B. Central Trading Ban Treaty
C. Cotton Trading Board of Taxes
D. Community Test Board Treaty

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Q. D.C stands for:

A. Direct Commissioner 
B. Divisional Commissioner
C. Deputy Commissioner ✔
D. Development Council

Q. D.I.G stands for:

A. Divisional Incharge Government
B. Deputy Incharge of Government
C. Divisional Inspector-General
D. Deputy Inspector-General ✔

Q. E.A.C stands for:

A. Extra Associated Committee 
B. Export Assistant Council
C. Extra Assistant Commissioner ✔
D. European Association of Currency

Q. E.C.O stands for:

A. Executive Committee Ordinance 
B. European Cooperative Organization
C. Export Commissioner Office
D. Economic Cooperation Organization ✔

Q. E.P.B stands for

A. Export Promotion Bureau ✔
B. Economic Planning Board
C. European Peace Board
D. Export Planning Bureau

Q. F.I.A stands for:

A. Federal investment Agency
B. Federal Investigation Agency ✔

C. First Information Audit
D. Flying Information Authority

Q. G.A.A.T stands for:

A. General Agreement on Tarrifs and Trade ✔
B. General Assembly of Traffic and Transport
C. Great Advertising of Trading and transport
D. Grand Authority of Taliban Training

Q. G.D.P stands for:

A. Ground Duty of Police
B. General Domestic Product
C. Gross Development Product
D. Gross Domestic Product ✔

Q. G.P.O stands for:

A. General Power Officer
B. Gulf Power Office
C. General Post Office ✔
D. Government Post Office

Q. H.B.F.C stands for:

A. House Building Finance Corporation ✔
B. Habib Bank Finance Committee
C. House Building Federal Committee
D. House Building Federal Commission

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