Day of Judgment MCQs for FPSC, PPSC, NTS, OTS

Here is the list of latest  MCQs on the Day of Judgment for exams of PPSC, FPSC, NTS, OTS, ITS, ETEA and all other competitive exams. You will find here all the latest and updated Islamic Studies MCQs of that you can prepare your jobs and study tests and pass them with high marks. Here is the MCQs on The Day of Judgment. 

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Q. Next stage after the death is:

A. Bazrakh ✔
B. Day of Judgment
C. Haawia
D. Aaraf

Q. Which Surah of the Holy Quran throws light on Bazrakh?

A. Surah-Al-Kahaf ✔
B. Surah Yousaf
C. Surah Younas
D. Surah Hood

Q. In how many days, Allah created the earth and the skies?

A. Six ✔
B. Seven
C. Eight
D. Nine

Q. Angel which will blow the trumpet on the Day of Judgment is:

A. Hazrat Jibraeel A.S
B. Hazrat Israfeel A.S ✔

C. Hazrat Mikaeel A.S
D. None of these

Q. Day of Judgment will occur in Muharram on the day of:

A. Monday
B. Tuesday
C. Wednesday
D. Friday ✔

Q. Which Ayat of Surah Al-Baqrah throws light on Yaum-ul-Akhirat?

A. Ayat No.3
B. Ayat No.4 ✔

C. Ayat No.5
D. Ayat No.6

Q. In which Ayat of Surah Al-Antafar, Allah says “Undoubtedly the noble people are in paradise and the sinful are in the hell”?

A. Ayat 11-12
B. Ayat 12-13
C. Ayat 13-14 ✔
D. Ayat 14-15

Q. Three basic beliefs of Islam are:

A. Kalimah, Salat, Hajj
B. Tauheed, Salat, Roza
C. Tuaheed, Namaz, Hajj
D. Tauheed, Risalat, Akhirat ✔

Q. Real home of the noble people after the day of judgment is:

A. Hell
B. Bazrakh
C. Paradise ✔
D. None of these

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