Criminology CSS Past Paper 2017

In this Section you will get the CSS Criminology Past Paper 2017. Past papers are very helpful in preparing such competitive exams so that the students can take help from these past papers and get themselves prepared for high marks.  

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Following are the questions that were asked by the Proper Forum in CSS Criminology Past Paper 2017:-

Note: There are four sections of Criminology given as under:-

You have to attempt four questions from this paper by selecting one question from each section and each question carry equal marks.

All the parts (if any) of each question must be attempted at one place instread of different places.


Question No.1

  • Write a critical note on the increasing importance of Criminology in Pakistan. Also discuss the historical development of criminology as a scientific discpline.

Question No.2

  • Enlist the criminological perspectives. Briefly describe the three criminological perspectives on the study of crime and criminal behavior?


Question No.3

  • Write a comprehensive note on the Juvenile justice system of Pakistan. Suggest measures for the improvement of Juvenile justice system of Pakistan.

Question No.4

  • Write short notes on:
  1. Cause of Juvenile delinquency in Pakistan
  2. Probation and Parole


Question No.5

  • Write a comprehensive note on the principles of criminal investigation. Illustrate with examples from Pakistan.

Question No.6

  • Elaborate importance of legal and ethical guidelines for the criminal investigation of general based crimes. Support your answer with examples from Pakistani society.


Question No.7

  • Write a critical note on the role of law enforcement agencies in the control of terrorism in Pakistan. Suggest measures to minimize radicalization in Pakistan.

Question No.8

  • Write notes on:
  1. Money-laundering in Pakistan
  2. Gender and crime
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