British History CSS Past Paper 2017

In this Section you will get the CSS British History Past Paper 2017. Past papers are very helpful in preparing such competitive exams so that the students can take help from these past papers and get themselves prepared for high marks.  

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Following are the questions that were asked by the Proper Forum in CSS British History Past Paper 2017:-

Note: There are two sections of Paper-II of British History given as under:-

You have to attempt four questions from this paper by selecting two questions from each section and each question carry equal marks.


Question No.1

  • What were the merits and demerits of the Whig rule? What led to the downfall of Whig Ascendancy? Analyze comprehensively.

Question No.2

  • Industrial Revolution drastically changed methods of production in England. How did it affect the Social, Economic, Political and Cultural life of the English people?

Question No.3

  • Give a comprehensive account of chartist movement. Why did it fail? Explain and analyze.

Question No.4

  • “Gladstone’s domestic police was the climax of liberalism”. Discuss it comprehensively?


Question No.5

  • Explain the Eastern Question and critically analyze the attitude of England towards this question from 1820 to 1913.

Question No.6

  • What do you understand by British Commonwealth of Nations and how it developed? How dies it differ from the term British Empire?

Question No.7

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of Brexist for England? Analyze the with arguments.
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